Paige – A Painful Journey

diva-debuts-paige-wwe-38585871-445-500Paige [Saraya-Jade Bevis] is serving a 60-day suspension for violation of the WWE’s Wellness Policy.  This is a second violation according to WWE officials.  The story is one that started over a month ago when rumors circulated that Paige was leaving the WWE [ http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/752621-paige-reportedly-quits-wwe#/slide/2].  The rumor came on the heels of an announcement that Alberto Del Rio (now Alberto El Patron) was released from the WWE.

Paige and Alberto were in a relationship at the time of his release.  Many speculated that she wanted to leave the company to be with him.  Paige cleared up the rumor and advised she was not leaving the WWE.  Unfortunately, she was placed on a 30-Day suspension for violation the Wellness Policy.

So, imagine you work for a company where a once great environment goes to shit.  The worst part is that you cannot simply resign and move on.  You lose your motivation and moral compass to meet your obligations.  This may not be Paige’s situation but if it is then it is a miserable situation to overcome.

The rules can easily become manipulated to execute an agenda.  There is nothing profound about this.  Paige and her family admitted she is on prescription drugs.  As indicated, Paige violated the WWE’s Wellness Policy through procedure and not substance.   Alberto posted this tweet recently:


We cannot see what is not present.  Truth and trust go hand-in-hand.  I hope Paige gets the medical attention she requires and I wish her a speedy recovery.  Whether she remains with the WWE is something we will learn in due time.

UPDATE – 10/17/16

Paige proposes to Alberto El Patron

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