James Ellsworth – Smackdown Live 10/18/16

CvFtsqJVIAAnXSy.jpgJames Ellsworth’s cinderella story continued.   Last week, Ellsworth wrestled AJ Styles and beat the “Champ Who Runs the Camp”, thanks to special referee Dean Ambrose.  Tonight, he had a rematch against Styles for the WWE World Championship.  Dean Ambrose was ringside as guest announcer and timekeeper.

Styles dominated Ellsworth throughout the match.  There were tiny moments when Ellsworth got a push…these were miniscule opportunities.  Ambrose once again provided the plucky comic relief at ringside from announcing commercial breaks, a parking violation, and the sale of the James Ellsworth Authentic T-Shirt.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 6.53.18 PM.png

CvFw9MMUMAAyTgo.jpgIt’s real and you can buy your authentic James Ellsworth T-Shirt on the WWE website,  http://shop.wwe.com/james-ellsworth-authentic-t-shirt/W12527.html?dwvar_W12527_color=Black .

Ellsworth landed his version of “Sweet Chin Music” on Styles, nearly getting the pinfall.  A frustrated Styles began his relentless beating on Ellsworth.  Ambrose instigated Styles to the point of getting disqualified.  Ellsworth picks up the win.  Ambrose announced,  “give it up for James Ellsworth who has more wins against AJ Styles than John Cena.”

Smackdown Live truly is the brand of opportunity.  Let’s all get on board that James Ellsworth hype-train.


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