Face-to-Face with an Invasion


Monday Night Raw opened with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley hyping their teams for Survivor Series.  Several matches were announced in order to build momentum and show cohesion of the respective teams.  The pairings consisted of rivals and created interesting dynamics.  There were two moments, I felt, made the best promotion.

Fantasy Warfare Becomes Reality

Goldberg and Lesnar went face-to-face in the ring.  Paul Heyman did his best to hype the crowd for the upcoming match at Survivor Series. The in-ring security team did their best to create a wall between the competitors.  Shots were taken Goldberg’s family.  Goldberg looks in great shape as he cleared the ring.  Lesnar decided not to engage, saving the opportunity for Survivor Series.  Once again, Goldberg looked strong and showed shades of his destructive force from his WCW days; I do question his endurance against Lesnar.

Prelude to Survivor Series

The night ended with an invasion.  Shane O’Mac and Daniel Bryant met with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley ringside to promote Survivor Series.  Stephanie called out Team Raw to ringside.  Bryant advised that he and Shane did not come alone and Team Smackdown Live poured in from various areas of the arena.  Trash talking commenced, which led up to Dean Ambrose taking a shot at Team Raw.  The battle ensued with Braun Strowman being a dominating show of force.  Raw showed Smackdown Live their respective dominance as a team. In the end, Team Raw forced Team Smackdown Live to retreat.



In my opinion, this week’s Monday Night Raw did a great job overall with the matches and the pay-per-view promotion.  Having Smackdown Live invade their show was brilliant as it adds anticipation and conversation.  It will be interesting to see how Smackdown Live responds on their show this Tuesday night


Let me know your thoughts.



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