Digging Holes and Taking Souls


On last night’s, Smackdown Live 900th episode, there were three defining moments that made a significant impact.

The Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler took on The Miz for the Intercontinental title.  The winner of the match will go on to defend the title against Sami Zayn at Survivor series.  I thought, along with a few others, that Ziggler would retain the title…

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3.58.00 AM.png

It was a hard fought match that involved The Spirit Squad and Maryse.  At the end of the bought, due to some outside interference (essentially Maryse rolling 400 pounds with one hand), The Miz became a 6-time Intercontinental Champion.  This raises the stakes for Zayn as The Miz will not play by the rules.  I think The Miz makes the Intercontinental championship more interesting.  It definitely fuels the heat between him and Daniel Bryan.

tumblr_ogpp5eic5L1tzogbdo1_500 (1).jpg

Women of RAW Invade Smackdown Live

Nikki Bella and Carmella squared off in a feud match.  WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Charlotte appeared holding a ticket and seating herself ringside.  Eventually, Nikki attached Charlotte and then the Raw Women’s Team came out and attacked Nikki.  I imagined hearing Bayley saying, “sorry about this,” as she is tumblr_ogpqwu1izk1u1ljrzo1_500stomping a mud-hole into Nikki.  Carmella, who lying outside the ring, entered to help Nikki.

The Smackdown Live Women quickly arrived to help their teammates.  The battle was chaotic.  Nia Jax is a one woman wrecking crew.  The women of SD Live defended their turf sending a message to Raw that they are the dominate team.

Return of Edge & The Undertaker


Edge returned to host The Cutting Edge with Team Smackdown Live.  There was the typical banter between rivals. tumblr_ogpx574OS71ug42t3o1_500.jpg Edge questioned Randy Orton’s choice to become a member of the Wyatt family.  James Ellsworth was denied the opportunity to do the 5-second pose with Edge.  There was much descension among the ranks when suddenly, the bell tolled.

The Undertaker made his way to ringside.  The eerie blue and thick fog reminded us of a powerful era.  This was a show that he defined and where he imprinted a legacy.  He gave each member of the team a long stare as though he was imprinting his essence upon their souls.

The Undertaker called Shane McMahon fearless (probably in reference to their epic Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania 32).  He then gave Team Smackdown one of the most important pep-talks while delivering a defining promo.  He stated that Wrestlemania would no longer define him and that he is back digging holes and taking souls.  His message to Team Smackdown was simple, there is no fear of failure but if you fail then fear The Deadman…make sure that Team Raw rests in peace.


This was a good episode commemorating 900 shows.  I love Dolph but I believe The Miz being the IC champion is best for business. Alexa Bliss is indeed a rising star and she will one day become the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion.  I enjoyed seeing “King Booker” shame Fandango, the Tag-Team battle royal, and the highlights from past Smackdown episodes.  The Undertaker’s words resonated something of frequency.  Will we see more of him in the future?


Let me know your thoughts

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