What Am I Watching?

The idea of the WWE brands competing with one another to boost ratings is not working as well as Vince McMahon envisioned.  It’s like Coke competing with Coke Zero…everybody wins and everybody loses.  I have some thoughts about Monday Night RAW and a few points of frustration.

The Cruiserweight Division

Rich Swann, The Brian Kendrick, and TJ Perkins.  I like Swann but I wish his feud was with a new cruiserweight opponent.  The storyline for the championship centers around Perkins and Kendrick even though Swann is the current champion.  Maybe Jack Gallagher will one day soon get his opportunity at the title.

The Tag-Team Division

“The New Day” broke the longest reigning tag-team championship record held by “Demolition”.  So, now what?  Seriously, there isn’t anything left for them to accomplish as an act.  Either Anderson and Gallows or Sheamus and Cesaro are likely teams to become the new champions.  Enzo versus Rusev is a bit cliche’.  In my opinion, Enzo and Big Cass are more suited to fighting the odds to capture the World Tag-Team Championship.  Instead, Enzo shows his “beef” to Lana and now we have a feud driven by jealousy…ridiculous.

The Mid-Card Division

This division is floundering at best.  Roman Reigns, as the United States Champion, is it’s leader however, he is competing at the top tier again.  Why give him the title when he is not defending it in a feud that allows people like Sami Zayn and Neville to shine.   Maybe Reigns is keeping the title warm for someone like Samoa Joe (rumor he is leaving NXT for the main roster).  Braun Stroman’s character development is putting him on the rise but he has yet to receive a formidable storyline.  RAW should learn from SD Live and create more heat in this area.

WWE Universal Championship

I think Reigns contending for the WWE Universal Championship is happening too soon.  The fans have not accepted Reigns as a “Face” and were getting used to him as United States Championship.  Facing Kevin Owens for the title comes across as a filler because the feud with Seth Rollins has run it’s course and Chris Jericho is the stand-in until the imminent showdown between Rollins and Triple H.  I hope Finn Balor returns to the ring soon and complicates things with an expected revenge against Rollins, which could have Owens fighting his new former best friend Jericho for the Universal title.


Maybe one day, the brand will improve…maybe.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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